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Web Development

There are three essential elements to creating an appealing and high conversion website; The Visual Element, the Textual Information Element, and the Ease of Navigation Element.


The Visual Element


The visual element is the very first thing a visitor will notice on your website. These are the colors, fonts, shapes, and layout that you have on your site. Even before a person has read a single word on your site, the visitor will have already decided whether he would trust you or not. That’s because people’s minds process visuals much faster than text.


Strictly speaking, web developers do not start creating a website by designing the visual element first. Web developers worth their salt begin with outlining the business goals, identifying the target audience, and what the business owner wants to communicate to his customers. In other words, web developers get busy with the business concept and textual information element before the visual aspect.

A good image will keep your visitors browsing on your website, giving you more chances to convert them into paying customers. However, we begin with the visual element because it is the first thing visitors will experience upon landing on a homepage. Incidentally, this is also where half the battle is lost. Studies have shown that 46% of visitors will leave a website within 8 seconds when they find the webpage unappealing due to its poor design.

The Textual Information Element


The textual information you provide should validate the good first impression your visual element has merited. In addition, it should continue to communicate that this website is all about helping your visitors get what they came to your site for.


It should be about them and their desires and how your products or services can fulfill those desires. The text should enhance the pleasurable experience they are having while on your website by leading them to an even more enjoyable experience – that of making a purchase.

Ease of Navigation Element


One of the most frustrating things on a website is not finding the clickable buttons where you usually expect them to be — or clicking on a button that leads you nowhere. The lack of ease of navigation is one of the main reasons many visitors will leave a website.


A well-designed website provides clear navigational paths. It should be intuitive and lead the visitor to the information they seek.


The ease of a layout should be like your neighborhood grocery store. You instinctively know where the bread and jams are even without looking at the signs above the aisles.


Furthermore, the navigation should especially be seamless during check-out and payment. After all, the sale is the primary goal of a business website.


When all these three elements are present, you will have a better of chances keeping your visitors on your site, getting them absorbed in your products and your company, and converting visitors into satisfied customers.

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