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The Role of SEO In Creating Top Ranking Websites

What is SEO?


SEO simply means “search engine optimization.” It is the sweet science of making your company and your products visible on the web to your potential customers.


Here’s how it works. If you have a business, say, you install granite kitchen countertops. A family within your area wants to remodel their kitchen and replace their old worn-out kitchen countertop. They do their due diligence by going online and search for kitchen remodelers. If your website is appropriately Search Engine Optimized, your company name will appear on the first page of Google’s search results page together with nine other companies. If you have out-SEOd the other nine companies, you will find yourself first on that list.

There is a huge psychological advantage to being first on a list. Being first grants you great credibility and prestige in the eyes of your potential customers.


All things being equal, meaning you and your competitor’s websites are all well created, prices and products are the same, you, being on top of the list, have a greater chance of getting the business than those ranked below you.

Why SEO and not Paid Ads in Google?


Good question! And here’s the best answer.


If you notice, Google has paid ads on the first page of its SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Paid ads mean your company is immediately on the first page. No need to work on SEO and no need to wait months or even years just to be on the first page of Google – that’s if you get there. However, studies have shown that only a tiny percentage of people in the US – 2.8% click on paid ads. This phenomenon is a head-scratch moment as these paid ads are the first things you see when you land on a Google SERP. Below that, you see companies on Google maps, and on the bottom page would be the top ten organic SEOd companies. Even so, these companies still get 97.2% clicks.


Factoring the cost would also favor SEO than paid ads. Paid ads are expensive and will continue to cost more and more. Search Engine Optimized websites have cost at the outset, but the costs will become less and less in the long run. There is even the possibility that your website might go viral due to content you have posted, and it could even make you money when other businesses link with your site and pay you for sales coming from your links.

OK. I’m Convinced. I Want a Website For My Business that is Search Engine Optimized. How Do I Start?


You can create one on your own, but since you are reading this blog, I assume you don’t have the skill set to do this independently.



A third option is the “Rank and Rent” that we exclusively offer here at Instant-visibility. A ready-made website ranking high on the Google search engine results page is readily available for rent. This website can easily be modified for your company in no time. So call us now and see how reasonably priced and flexible our terms are and be on your way to a booming business.

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