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Top Painter Advertising Trends Every Painter Needs to Know

Top Painter Advertising Trends Every Painter Needs to Know

Every business owner comes across different challenges after they commence their painting business. One of the biggest strains of every business owner is how they can get clients. Digital painter advertising is a powerful approach to start getting new customers. Thousands of painters have proven this strategy effective and straightforward.

To win this plan, you have to evaluate which types of customers you want to target. Commercial customers offer sustained contracts and extensive works, while residential customers offer added opportunities for inventiveness and are usually less time-sensitive. If you prefer to start small, you can target residential painting jobs. This will allow you to explore more of your opportunities as you work your way up for more significant projects.

With this article, we will discuss the top advertising trends that every painter needs to know.

Manage Your Google My Business Profile

Google is so popular that most people use it for almost everything they require, regardless of their age. Other search engines are available; however, Google is the most beloved of all, making it a perfect ground for business owners to gain new customers. Google My Business is a free tool for business owners and institutions to manage their visibility across Google. Updating the essential details about your business, such as your business name, location, contact number, work hours, and most importantly, the keywords you would like to show up under. Therefore you must claim and grow this free tool offered by this famous search engine.

Build A Website

Most will find building a website intimidating. There are many platforms where you can begin building your website from scratch. You have to put time and effort into setting your website on your own. This will be easier if you have a background in website building. If none, there are tons of tutorials and articles online that you may try. Most business owners opt to partner with an agency, like Instant Visibility, with the knowledge and expertise required to build a top-ranking website. Investing in a strategically built website is your most significant edge among your competitors. Research shows that 91% of clients searching services online are likely to trust businesses with an appealing website. So you must win this approach that will bring profit to your business.

Create Social Media Profiles

Almost everyone is on social media now, so why wouldn’t your business be? Creating social media profiles plays a vital role in winning your painter advertising plan. This is a perfect ground to get noticed and get new clients. Showcasing some of your work with excellent client reviews is a great way to attract the audience. You also need to post regularly to ensure that you stay visible. You don’t need to be on every social media platform out there. If you are a house painter, you might want to consider Instagram as it is an image-based platform.

Send Digital Mail

Sending digital mails is a practical way of spreading the news about your business. If you think that this is a time-consuming task, applications and software can do the heavy job for you. These applications could automate your email campaign, organize your email list, and track the email’s status if it went to spam. This way, you can strategize your email outreach campaign.

A Word From Instant Visibility

Getting clients is not as difficult as it seems. With the right strategy and capable team to support you, your business will prosper. The pointers mentioned can be a little intimidating, but once you master them, they can run on autopilot. Sign up now for our top-ranking websites and competitive marketing for painters ideas!

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