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Top 3 Garage Door Marketing Ideas You Should Reinforce In 2022

2021 has been a great year for most businesses, especially those who have leveled up their game in digital marketing. We are sure that you wonder if your digital marketing tactics will continue to bring clients and projects in 2022. And to those who did not meet their sales goal last year, we know that this year will be an excellent year for your business if you start practicing good techniques and get in front of the customers looking for garage door experts. Whether 2021 has been a good or challenging year for your business, learning what garage door marketing ideas you should reinforce enables you to start the year right.

  1. SEO Is Still The King – The power of SEO continues to grow. Although most of the population is already vaccinated, research shows that online purchases will continue to climb this year. Local businesses such as garage doors can significantly benefit from this approach. Here are some of the SEO techniques you should master.
    • Optimize voice search and inquiry experience
    • Analyze which keywords are best for your business
    • Produce high quality and exciting content
    • Optimize local SEO efforts
    • Enhance mobile view
  3. Social Media Is The Queen – If there’s a king, there’s must be a queen. Social media marketing is expected to gain more power this 2022. Gen Z’s purchasing dominion will continue to grow, making them one of the best marketing audiences. So if your current target viewers are millennial homeowners, repurposing your technique will make a tremendous profit difference. According to research, Gen Z is more enthusiastic about owning a car than Millennials, and 86.2% of Gen Z aims for homeownership. Let’s look at the best practices to gain more followers for your social media channels.
    • Tiktok becomes bigger this year – Tiktok is the favorite social media platform today. Did you know that Tiktok doubled its population in a year? In 2019, its population was at 381M, then jumped to 700M in 2020. Is TikTok part of your current marketing strategy? We hope the info above explains why this is one of the most influential garage door marketing ideas for you.
    • Facebook ads evolve – Facebook ads are more effective this year than before. This most popular social network has developed its footwork for businesses to get more leads from its ads.
    • Instagram is better than ever – Instagram will continue to be one of the most influential social networks. How to win this approach? Short and informative videos are still the best way to attract more followers.
  5. Email Marketing Is Bound To Survive – Wondering if continuing your email garage door advertisement is worth it this new year? The answer is a BIG YES! Most marketers and business owners are skeptical of this marketing technique, but its returns continue to prove their assumptions wrong. Let’s go over these tips to get a higher ROI from this approach.
    • Personalize your emails – personalizing your email is not just by addressing your readers with their first and last name. There are email personalization strategies you may try to suit your audience preferences based on their demographics.
    • Make your emails mobile-friendly – when creating emails, never miss having a mobile preview. Most recipients view emails from their smartphones, so you are defeating its purpose if your email view is only designed for desktops and laptops. Your viewers might end up ignoring your emails or, worst, unsubscribing from your email list.
    • Optimize your landing pages – when potential customers click CTA, they already took the bait. The chances of converting them to a sale are just a few clicks away. However, poorly crafted landing pages pull these leads away. So make sure optimizing your landing pages is part of your marketing priority.

    Are you ready to start the year with these garage door marketing ideas? Let us know your thoughts.

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