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Three Pool Marketing Site Tips On How To Build And Grow Your Pool Business.

Three Pool Marketing Site Tips On How To Build And Grow Your Pool Business.

Consumers who own pools eagerly await the summer so they can go swimming, which means now is the best time to market your pool products and services.

Learn the three pool marketing site tips you can implement immediately to build and grow your pool business with fresh new leads!

1. Video Marketing – Perhaps the greatest benefit of renting a website is that there is no upfront cost. Businesses who are unsure how to best invest their money can simply start renting a website tailored for their business for no startup cost and keep it for as long as they want.

A recent study conducted by ComScore and YouTube, commissioned by Google, shows video content engagement is highly efficient, and people tend to pay more attention when viewing personalized video ads.

That suggests you should be running videos on your website. There are plenty of video topics for your pool business. Here are some great ideas:

  • Swimming Pool Design Ideas
  • Things To Consider When Building A Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Pool Ideas
  • Pool Landscaping Ideas
  • Pool Safety Tips

Testing the effectiveness of videos on your site is always a good idea. If they are working, you can get it more refined and outsource video production to an expert—test different video lengths to see which ones your customers like most. You can also ask your customers for some suggestions for video content.

2. Social Media Marketing – Effective social media marketing strategy helps boost brand awareness. Your target customers are most likely to use social media and follow or friend you if you asked them. So be sure to maximize your visibility and put social links on your website to improve your pool marketing site.

Images in social posts increase engagement and click-through rates, so have your team take photos of customers’ pools and surrounding landscape (with their consent, of course). Inspirational quotes are popular, and you can start by sharing great quotes about water and summer.

3. Referral Marketing – Referral marketing is when you get your clients to tell their friends and families about your business. It encourages your current customers to spread the word about your business with the promise of a reward. A study conducted by The New York Times says that sixty-five percent of new business comes from referrals. So be proactive in asking for referrals, good reviews, and testimonials from your satisfied clients. One great way to ask for referrals is when sending your invoices or via social media. Share ratings and recommendations sites to your customers to make it easy for them to recommend you.

Building a solid online presence that targets your specific audience is no easy feat. Sign up for a pool marketing site to propel your business forward with little investment today!

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