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The Difference Between Renting A Site Versus Owning A Site

There are great tools accessible to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get their business idea online and with a small upfront cost.

It is usually a more appealing and enticing proposition for a small business owner or just starting with a business to rent a website. It comes with low monthly fees, with updates included. Whereas building your own website requires a higher investment.

Deciding to rent a website versus owning a website can be a tough decision to begin or even modifying your web marketing.

So let’s go ahead and learn the difference between renting a site versus owning a site.

Renting a website:

  • Low startup fee.
  • Small monthly payments.
  • Site security handled by someone else.
  • SEO is also taken care of for you.
  • Changes, updates, and fixes are often included with the monthly fee.

If you already have your own website but you are not happy with the results, and you don’t have enough time, resources, or patience to have SEO tasks carried out on it, then renting a website is your best choice. You will have a lead generation sales team machine to rank and get qualified leads.

Renting a website is a relatively new idea. This unique approach is based on the challenges startups commonly face when they initially plan to have their own website.

When renting a website, you will get a well-designed custom-made website that suits your industry at a fixed rate. Within days, you get a ready-built website that has all the essential and advanced features that you would like to have.

Owning a website:

  • You need to pay an upfront fee for a website to build.
  • Small monthly payments.
  • Need to get your own hosting.
  • Need to do your own SEO which is a decisive factor for clients to find you.

When you own your website – all of the pictures, content, and codes belong solely to the business. It is your business’ showroom and intellectual property. Getting a good website is not easy. The initial cost involved in owning a good website is usually high due to several reasons.

However, absolute ownership of a website is also rare for the reason that a web designer can’t offer a true CMS ownership to small business owners at an affordable price because of continuously developing web development and marketing standards.

Your Takeaways

Deciding on these website platforms truly depends on your business vision and goals. If you are looking for a quick, innovative website that can propel your business forward, a rented website may be your best option.

Renting a website is a more straightforward solution than starting a website from scratch and paying for all the costs.

But if you want to have complete control of your content and website, you may prefer to build your own website.

Keep in mind that owning a website versus renting a website have their drawbacks and benefits. Have a serious thought on how you want your website to be before choosing the one that is right for you.

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