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Ten Design Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Space Feel Bigger

Ten Design Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Space Feel Bigger

Even with less space to redecorate, small bathrooms are ideal spaces to go all out on the design. From fun flooring and fixture ideas to functional space-saving solutions, we got you covered. Follow our tips and tricks to amp up and make the most out of your tiny space.

So if you’re looking for small bathroom ideas that will transform and make your bathroom feel bigger, you’re in the right place!

The need for space footage, little light, and several fixtures to squeeze in makes a small bathroom one of the most challenging areas to decorate. But if done right, the whole room can transform into a brighter and more spacious room. And no, you don’t need to spend a fortune to carve into the wall or add more space.

These small bathroom tricks go beyond making the most available space and prove the daring design elements can be right at home, even the smallest area.

Here are the best ways to transform your bathroom into less cramped and feel like a bigger space:

1. Keep It Light and Bright – Choose a light-colored paint that would look warm and serene when reflecting natural light from the window. Use a lightweight curtain fabric that allows maximum light to enter.

2. Mirror a Wall – Rather than hanging it above the vanity, try mirroring the entire wall of your small bathroom. The reflection of light and pattern will do the trick as good work as a window does.

3. Add More Mirrors – If mirroring the entire wall is not an option, you can simply add more mirrors to one wall.

4. Go For Glass – Consider scrapping the shower curtain entirely and go for a glass shower door. It would help to free up space.

5. Try Large Prints Wall Covering – You might think that you want to go for a small pattern, but it’s better to go big. Medium to large wallpaper and tile patterns can make space feel larger. Choose big tiles or an even bigger design, and it would give an illusion of a bigger space.

6. Use High-Gloss Paint – High gloss paint that helps reflect the light and amplify the space making your bathroom feel airy and bigger.

7. Extend Bathroom Tiles Into The Shower – Continuous lines give a space added depth. Use this idea in your bathroom by installing the same tile on your floor and shower. It will provide an uninterrupted surface that makes the entire room seem larger.

8. Go For a Patterned Floor – Believe it or not, even windowless bathrooms can feel bigger. And one way to do that is to install patterned floor tiles. It gives depth and creates the illusion of larger floor space.

9. Rethink Your Sink – Consider having a tiny corner sink. It gets the job done just as much as the larger one – plus, it gives you plenty of space and takes less time to clean.

10. Install a Skylight – This one can be one of the most ambitious small bathroom ideas but will create a significant result. Skylights provide free lighting and significantly brighten up space.

With a bit of creativity and the right tools, your tiny bathroom can be designed to look and feel bigger. Follow these space-saving tips and tricks to guide you with your project so you can make the most of every space!

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