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Steps In Creating A Facebook Business Page For Veterinary Marketing

Steps In Creating A Facebook Business Page For Veterinary Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media platform today, with a whopping 2.85 billion users. And because of its popularity and influence, creating a Facebook page for business has become necessary for business owners. Today, more than two hundred million businesses use Facebook to connect with their clients and advertise their products and services. Pet clinics are one of the businesses that can significantly benefit from this platform as most potential clients are already active on Facebook.

Are you excited to boost your veterinary marketing plan? Here are the steps in creating a Facebook business page:

Step # 1: Log in to your personal Facebook account – Your personal account serves as the primary administrator for the business page, so if you choose to give others access and help you manage the page, you can decide what particular roles and capabilities to provide them. If you are concerned about your personal information, don’t fret because your details will not publicly appear on the business page.

Step # 2: Sign up – Go to this link:

Supply the following details in the page’s left panel.

  • Page Name – Most businesses use their business name as the page name, but you can also use keywords that most people use when searching for pet clinics.
  • Category – Choose a category that best describes your business. You can select up to three categories from the suggestions.
  • Description – This field is a 255 character description that will appear in the search results. While entering the info, the right portion of the page updates concurrently.

      Step # 3: Upload images – The next step is to upload your profile and cover photos. Choosing images that best represent your company is essential; using your company logo is the best choice. The most suitable size for social media networks is 170×170 pixels. Facebook crops the profile image to a circle; the goal is for people to recognize your business by seeing your profile image, so make sure not to put essential details on the edges. This idea is also an excellent way to increase brand awareness.

      Step # 4: Create your username – Usernames can be fifty characters long. However, the goal when creating your username is for the people to type and remember it easily. So don’t use more characters only because you can. Facebook will tell you through a green check icon if the username you entered is available.

      Step # 5: Enter your business details – Entering essential business details is crucial for this veterinary marketing plan to prosper. The About page on Facebook lets your potential customers see the business details like the link to your website, business hours, location, and more. The “add to action” button allows your customers to connect with you in a single tap, so make sure not to skip this part. You can always edit the business details, but it would be ideal to complete this step the first time for your clients to get to know your pet clinic quickly.

      Step # 6: Make your first post – Your Facebook page’s content plays a significant role in making your veterinary social media marketing successful. Plan your page content strategically. You may start by creating posts most pet parents find valuable. You can also create quality videos and share relevant blogs. The goal is to keep the clients exploring the page and nurture them until they are ready to use your services. So the content needs to be valuable and visually appealing.

      Step # 7: Get some followers – Now, you can start inviting friends. Getting many followers doesn’t happen in a snap. Begin by inviting your family and friends. Once you already establish a great image, your audience will be the ones to advertise for you by sharing your posts.

      Pretty simple, right? Follow these steps and level up your veterinary marketing strategy.

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