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Solar Panel Costings: What to Expect

Solar Panel Costings: What to Expect

Nowadays, electricity produces gas emissions that are greatly harmful to the environment. If the electricity is produced using a solar panel, it does not emit harmful gasses that will add harm to the atmosphere.

Transitioning to solar energy is a good start for us to help the environment to recover from all the pollution and other damaging substances released into the air when generating electricity the traditional way. Not only is it good for the planet, but it also helps you save money.

If your consumption of electricity each month is too high, turning to solar energy is a wise move. This will be beneficial if you pay costly electricity bills.

Types of Solar Panels

  • Grid-tied solar panel – is attached to the electrical power grid and is dependent on this grid to be functioning in order for the system to generate usable solar energy and funnel excess energy for clean energy credit, net metering, or later usage.
  • Grid inter-tied with battery backup – grid-tied inverter is attached to an off-grid inverter and battery bank. This solar panel system gives a second power source, which constructively tricks the grid-tied inverter into staying online. This lets you charge your batteries and run important appliances if there is a power outage.
  • Off-Grid Solar Panels – an off-grid system is not connected to a public electricity grid. If solar power is being used by the appliances in your residence, the excess power will be saved to your battery bank. If the solar panel is not working (no sunlight), your appliances will get power from the batteries.

Costing Ideas

It is important to know what is the average cost per watt. Depending on how much electricity you would like to produce, the costs of solar panel installation may vary. The larger the solar panel system you want, the greater the costs will be. A bigger solar panel requires more materials, equipment, and of course, the manpower needed to install the system.

When you get a quote for your solar panel, it will contain an all-in price that you will be expecting to pay when you have the system installed on your roof. As you start to plan to convert to cleaner electricity, you will notice that the installation costs can be different depending on your installer.

Not all solar panels (or inverters) are produced equally. Just like all products, more efficient equipment is normally expensive. More efficient, higher-quality equipment has benefits that can be worth the added price. Better materials can produce additional electricity with the same quantity of sunlight and come with an extensive warranty.

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