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On Point Q&A with Instant Visibility Founder, Asi Epstein

Asi Epstein, the founder of Instant Visibility, established the company in 2009. Asi’s digital marketing background is indeed peerless. He did a series of tests and trials and collaborated with different digital marketing corporations to gain significant knowledge and experience in building a compelling digital marketing agency.

Often, micro and small businesses struggle to compete with larger enterprises due to the inability to finance a professional digital marketing agency. Asi’s primary goal is to help these striving businesses thrive by offering affordable yet competent digital marketing services. Want to know him more? Here’s an on-point Q&A with Instant Visibility founder Asi Epstein.

Why did he create Instant Visibility?

Asi spent years developing his digital marketing knowledge and took the Rank-And-Rent business model to a broader scale. He established Instant Visibility to support multiple enterprises across various verticals to obtain qualified leads at a low cost. Asi aims for business owners to focus on their enterprise operations. At the same time, they get the assurance that a proficient marketing team is working with them to get a continuous flow of customers.

How long has he been in the Lead Generation industry, and what is his background?

Asi Epstein traveled the world fixing and installing telecom systems for years as an engineer for a hi-tech telecommunications company before exploring his digital marketing opportunities. Asi got inspired after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki in 2003 and decided to shift his career to digital marketing. He mastered how SEO works by building and ranking websites on his own. In 2009, he established Instant Visibility and collaborated with skilled digital marketing professionals. The company has flourished and expanded its reach, and now serves forty-eight states.

What does he think of the opportunities for local businesses?

High-quality leads are what every business needs. Instant Visibility focuses on targeting leads that are ready to avail of the company’s services. Asi says, “We offer a complete marketing channel that concentrates on generating high-quality, exclusive leads to our partners and the business owners we work with.” He also stated that generating leads is not a guessing game, and a strategic lead generation plan is requisite.

What are his overall vision and wish for both the company and his clients?

Asi Epstein founded Instant Visibility with the intention of helping business owners save time from making follow-ups with uninterested leads. “I want to make sure that business owners don’t waste their time following up with leads that are not ready to buy and engage now.”, he said. He also stated that Instant Visibility targets customers using finely crafted SEO tools. Instant Visibility also works closely with the clients to guarantee that the website they are renting is tailored to their business needs.

This intelligent man has undoubtedly helped different enterprises achieve their goals. Here are the testimonials of some of the people he partnered with..

Ephraim Mario Rattner of Digital Media, states that Asi is professional in everything he does. He highly recommends Asi’s expertise in general performance media operations.

Kenneth K. Mercer-Wood, Content Editor & Projects Manager, describes Asi as highly insightful, a savvy strategist, an effective business developer, and an analyzer.

Orit Zohar, Graphic Designer & Art Director at FoxMind, expresses her appreciation for Asi’s professionalism, creativity, reliability, and efficiency.

DealEvolution Co-Founder, Martin Sekel, describes Asi as organized, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. He also recommends Asi to anyone looking for a highly experienced digital marketing professional.

I bet you already admire this man, don’t you? Let us know your thoughts.

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