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Mistakes That You Should Keep Away When Moving

Mistakes That You Should Keep Away When Moving

Moving can be a tiring task but it is also a perfect opportunity to let go of things that you may not need anymore. With this, you may feel stressed, excited, anxious, or may all three. A moving company can help you move efficiently and stress-free. Moving can take a lot of mental energy because it can be very difficult to remember everything that needs to be done when you move.

Well, we listed some common mistakes when moving that you can avoid reducing potential issues and stress.

Shipping Hazardous Materials in a Container

There are some items that simply we cannot ship in a container from a moving company. Here are examples of the things that cannot be shipped to a container:

  • Flammables – examples of flammable household materials like propane, cleaning fluids, gasoline, ammonia, or insecticides.
  • Explosives – such as fireworks, signal flares, or spear guns.
  • Compressed Gasses – including sire extinguishers or scuba tanks that have not been certified.
  • Aerosol Cans – like spray paints, insecticide, or hair sprays.

This may not be a complete list but you can always check with your moving company on which are items cannot be shipped. You may need to dispose of these items or make special arrangements with the moving company you hired.

Schedule mix up for the cleaners

It may seem to be a great idea to schedule the cleaners hours before the movement but bringing in cleaners before the move is finished creates a significant amount of stress that you’ll want to avoid, for two reasons:

  • The movers need to balance the weight of your shipment, so they needed clean and cleared pathways. It’s not as easy as you might think to find a room that’s “done” that the cleaners can start on. If they’re in the house at the same time, your movers and your cleaners will be in each other’s way.
  • If the cleaner wants to work on the carpets in the front hallway, that may make it extremely difficult for the movers to get items out of the house, throwing a wrench into your move. If they have to use a side exit, it may keep them from moving larger objects out at all, significantly delaying your move. Although it may seem like the efficient way to move, don’t bring your cleaners in until your move is entirely finished. Otherwise, you’ll create additional chaos and challenges.

Hiring a Reputable Moving Company

Getting your moving company is one of the most challenging and important tasks of your moving journey. It’s a common moving mistake to procrastinate the search for a reputable moving company and end up feeling unsupported on moving day.

Looking for the most reputable moving company can feel like going on a first date. In both cases, you need to ask the right questions and determine if you’re a match. To find your ideal moving company, you should look for certifications that signify excellent service, ask questions that sort the professionals from the mediocre moving companies and gather information about the moving services that are important to you.

If you will avoid these three common mistakes when moving, you’ll have a more seamless and efficient move. Although these tips are helpful, there’s no better solution for a painless move than hiring the right moving company. Consider hiring a professional team when it comes to your moving project.

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