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Lead Generation

Lead Generation 101: The Basics of Lead Generation


Today’s buzzword in the digital marketing world is “Lead” or “Leads.” What exactly is it, and what good does it do? Who benefits from it, and does it live up to its hype?


If you are selling a product or a service, you might want to read on as this might be the one thing you are looking for to expand your business and increase sales.

What is a Lead?


A lead is anyone who has shown interest in a product or service you provide. These are people interested enough in your product or service that they are willing to provide you with their details such as name and contact info. A lead is a highly potential customer.

What is Lead Generation?


Lead generation is the process of acquiring information on people who are interested in your product or service. Lead generation works by attracting people to your website as they use the internet to search for the thing they need.


Getting people to click on your website is easier said than done. Among your many competitors out there, why would they choose you?

How to Effectively Get Clicks On Your Website to Generate Leads


Studies show that you have a 90% more chance of getting people to click on your website when you are on the first page of Google’s organic search results. The organic search result is that part of Google’s search results page after the paid ads and maps.


Yes, you can immediately get on Google’s first-page search results through their paid ads. Yet surprisingly, people seldom click on the paid ads of Google; instead, they go immediately to the organic search results. Moreover, today’s consumers seem to distrust paid ads. So why don’t you skip the ads and save yourself a ton of money?


The question now is how does one get to the first page of Google search results without paying for the ads?


Well, if you have the time and the skill to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your webpage, and this takes months or even a year of hard work, then you can DIY it. But since you are here, it’s safe to assume you don’t have the skill set to do this independently.


Your next bet would be to hire professionals to do this for you. But, again, this would take time and might be pretty expensive.


A third option is the “Rank and Rent” model, where a ready-made website ranking high on the Google search results page is readily available for rent. Finally, check out what we have for you at Instant-Visibility; we offer this service at a reasonable price and flexible terms.

Who Would Benefit From Lead Generation?


If you have a business and want to expand or increase your sales, lead generation is for you.


Simply put, lead generation is finding compelling ways to make your company and products or services known and attractive to highly potential customers. This would result in an expanded customer base and more sales. Who wouldn’t want that?

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