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Kitchen Marketing Technique: How To Revive Your Old Blogs Posts

Creating blogs is a powerful marketing technique every business owner must practice. Blogging helps your target audience learn more about your business and how choosing you as a kitchen contractor can benefit them. It also allows you to showcase your expertise in the products and services you offer. Keeping your blogs fresh attracts more viewers. And more viewers mean more opportunities to get more projects. While it is true that creating blogs regularly significantly helps your SEO and other kitchen marketing strategies, reestablishing your old blogs is also essential.

Before we go deeper on how to revive your old blogs, you need to understand what is “Evergreen Content.”

Evergreen content is an article or blog you created that may remain relevant for years. This type of content is not based on news or trends, something that your audience will find valuable regardless of the year’s season. Like a tree that continues to gain leaves, creating this blog generates more viewers and enhances your kitchen advertising and SEO strategies, making it an essential practice for marketing your business. Does it all makes sense now why it’s called “evergreen content?”

Now, let’s learn how to revive your old blogs posts.

Evaluate Your Blogs

The first step is assessing your blogs. Evergreen blogs are typically what needs to be republished. But before doing so, make sure to polish the rough edges to improve your blog’s quality. If there are corrections that need to be fixed, mend them accordingly. Let’s look at some of the elements you can review.

  • Difficult to understand or redundant terms must be either removed or altered.
  • Appropriately formatting your post is vital. You may have exceptional talent in writing blogs, but with a poor format, you might waste it.
  • Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar misses.
  • Repair or eliminate broken images and links.

Re-evaluate SEO

SEO is a process you need to practice in every blog you create. Or else your target readers won’t find them. Here are some pointers you may consider:

  • Analyze your keywords or phrases, update them if necessary to optimize your content.
  • Check for proper positioning and volume of keywords. The search engines’ algorithm does not positively respond with overused keywords.
  • Make sure you have an engaging meta description.
  • Use an analytics tool to check your blog’s overall performance.

Optimize The Images And Videos

High-quality images and videos make premium content. If your old blog needs new photos and videos, make sure to create appealing graphics and make your kitchen marketing strategy more effective. Here are some of the benefits you can unlock when you update your visuals:

  • Drives higher traffic to your blog
  • It makes your blog more engaging
  • Enables your readers to understand the blog easily

Publish Your Blog With A Current Date

Publishing your blog with a new date is a smart idea to revive your old blog. Most viewers opt to read blogs with a current date, and most importantly, it boosts your SEO rankings.

Update Your Post’s Call To Action

Your blog aims to attract viewers and convert them to clients. Call to action is an essential part of the blog, as this is where you can promote your products and services. When republishing your post, don’t miss to keep your call to action relevant.

Promote Your Republished Blogs

Once your blog is republished, make sure to share it across all your social media channels. Create a caption that will stimulate your target readers’ interest. For example, ask questions that address their pain points.

And, of course, don’t forget to use high-quality visuals.

Are you ready to revive your old blog posts and boost your kitchen marketing strategy? Share your thoughts through the comments section below.

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