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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing


Internet marketing is simply the branding, packaging, and selling of your product or service online. The operative word here is ONLINE.


While Internet marketing is relatively recent, the basic marketing principles applied are as old as commerce itself. Marketing, whether internet or traditional, relies on one key concept – Visibility. However, internet marketing has a massive advantage over conventional marketing regarding affordability and scope of reach.


Visibility – People need to know your business exists.


Traditional Marketing does this by:

  • Making sure the business is located in a high traffic area
  • Putting up your business name where everyone can see
  • Advertising by print, radio, TV, and billboards
  • Advertising stunts like hiring a blimp to fly your banner during special sporting events or parades


All these require a considerable upfront cost for a business doing traditional marketing. Owning or renting a property in a prime location is pretty expensive and out of reach to ordinary business people, especially start-ups. Making yourself known, such as the logo on your building, taking out ads on syndicated newspapers and magazines, billboards, radio, TV, all have prohibitive costs. All these steps are necessary to bring traffic to the business.


With internet marketing, a person manufacturing wooden toys in his basement can go online and sell his products to the whole world. He does not need to spend a significant amount on rent for office space in a prime location. He can rent a domain for the cost of his weekly Starbucks coffee. The domain – a web space to build his website on becomes his business location. Here everyone is on equal footing. There is no corner office or inner office. Now all he has to do is drive traffic to his website.


There are many ways a business can do this without the prohibitive cost associated with traditional marketing.


1. Content Marketing – Content marketing seeks to attract a target audience to a website by sharing relevant and valuable information that could help solve a problem, inspire action, or simply brighten up their day.


Many people want to start an online business. Some are simply afraid or don’t know where to begin. You can write about how you have conquered your fears and the steps you took to start your online business. You can write about the things that went right for you and the pitfalls to avoid. Your target audience might learn something from you and be inspired to pursue their dreams. You have just given them something of value, and they now consider you as an authority. Having found solutions from your website, they now have reason to return to your website or share your website with others, driving traffic to your site.


2. SEO – SEO simply means “search engine optimization.” It is the sweet science of making your company and your products visible on the web to your potential customers through ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page.


SEO works together with the content you post on your website. For example, if you write about your experiences in setting up an online shop. You talk about the successful steps you took and pitfalls you encountered, and your readers should avoid them. By attaching keywords to your article such as “how to start an online business” or “pitfalls to avoid in online business,” Google will take note of that. Whenever someone uses Google searching for help setting up an online business, Google will include your site in the list it presents to the search. The more people read your content, the higher you will rank on SERPs.


3. Social Media – According to, in its social media demographics guide, “42% of the world’s population — a whopping 3.2 billion people — use social media”. Facebook alone has 2.7 billion users worldwide. If you want to drive traffic to your site, this alone is a goldmine of potential clients.


There are many ways of doing internet marketing. The reality is no business can afford not to take advantage of internet marketing. It is the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website—more traffic results in more sales. More sales lead to financial freedom!

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