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How To Set Up Google Ads For Chiropractors

According to research, over thirty-five million Americans seek chiropractic care annually, and there are over 70,000 registered chiropractors in the United States. These numbers are expected to increase in the coming years – proving that more people are now turning to non-invasive treatment due to its effectiveness. But will these possible patients find you when they need a trusted chiropractor? How is your marketing style helping you get chiropractor leads? Have you thought of using Google ads for chiropractors?

Establishing a marketing plan can be arduous. But once you have already perfected and managed to sustain the process, all you have to do is wait for the patients to come to you. There are many ways to market chiropractic services, but one of the most profitable strategies is Google ads. Read on to learn more!

What is Google Ads?

This paid advertising platform was initially called Google Adwords before Google changed its name to Google Ads in 2018. The process of running Google Ads is similar to other paid advertising tools. If a potential patient searches for a chiropractor and uses keywords, such as “chiropractors in Wisconsin,” a list of chiropractors in that particular state will come up. But if your ads are running, you will be on the top results page based on your targeted keywords.

Ready to try this advertising space? Get started with your Google Ads for chiropractors by setting up your account.

Step #1: Create your Google Account

You can either create a new Google account or use your personal account. We recommend that you set up a new Google account so you can manage your emails easily.

Step # 2: Register to Google Ads

Go to this link:

Sign up using your newly created account or your personal account. You will need to set up a campaign and determine your primary advertising goals. Then, supply all the required info, such as company name and website address. Remember that you must have a website to run Google Ads as Google links the website’s landing pages to your ads. It also examines your website to know more about it to confirm its legitimacy.

After it scans the website, the next page will bring you to the set-up campaign window. Here, you can choose the ad types available from the screen; Responsive Search Ad is the default ad type that enables you to make a maximum of fifteen headlines and four descriptions. This sounds like a lot of work, but Google will help you complete this step by suggesting since it has already scanned your website. You may check the drop-down list and choose what works for you. Also, you can stop and pause these campaigns, so don’t worry if you didn’t perfect this phase. Once headlines and descriptions are added, click Next.

Step #: 3 Complete your account

The next step allows you to choose keyword themes. What are keyword themes? These are words or phrases the potential patient types on Google when looking for a chiropractor. Many tools are available to determine which keywords are best to use. You may click “next” if you need time to complete this phase, then enter your location, duration the ads will run, and budget.

We are almost done! The next page will prompt you to complete the billing page. You can either use your bank account or credit card as a payment method. Once all set, you are now officially a PPC advertiser! Hit “Explore Campaign” to manage your campaigns.

What do you think about Google Ads for chiropractors? Will this be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy? Let us know your thoughts.

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