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How SEO Can Build Your Local Business to Success

Starting your business is simple, right? Once you establish what to sell and offer, you just have to think about how you are going to grow the business online in order to attract customers.

Easy! Just find and buy a domain, set up a hosting platform, use a pre-made website designer who provides thousands of templates and website design from a site builder. You even can find some agencies that offer to create your logo and help set up your social media profiles. Voila, you are up and running. But the real question is, how does your local business start to get noticed and be on Google’s first page?

A plausible SEO approach that will allow businesses to position their website and their content high on the search engine results, is to research suitable keywords to gain high potential customers’ attention and then direct them into your sales funnel. Proper and consistent SEO can build your local business success and get your website on Google’s first page.

What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that businesses or brands use to make their website more attractive to the search engines. SEO involves strategically putting together your website’s contents so it will rank higher and more frequently on searches. Online consumers and visitors who search the internet are exposed to both paid ads and organic results, or SEO traffic. The key to SEO is to get your site listed high in the organic search results. These are the search results that you see after you see all the paid ads at the top of the page.

No one has Google’s exact algorithm of how they determine the order in which to list organic search results, besides people who Google itself hires! However, an alternative strategy is a methodical study of organic search and application of these results, which, in essence, is the SEO profession.

So why should SEO matter to the local business owner?

Here are the fundamental factors of why and how SEO can build your local business success.

Improve and protect your brand’s online reputation

Whether we consider it good or bad, the reality is that things spread faster online. Most consumers research online before considering a purchase of any products or services to be rendered. The companies they find on the first page or two of Google are the ones that they are clicking on and researching the most. Owning this real estate brings you not only brand awareness, but also improves your online reputation. Consumers not only rely on Google’s first page results, but also on the product reviews, previous customer feedback, how many consumers bought the product, and high ranking scores on search engines. As part of your brand’s success in building a good reputation, you must consider customer reviews as part of your day-to-day operations. Your SEO team can help monitor your online presence. All reviews should be looked at. If you do get any negative feedback, make sure to respond in a kind and informative manner to show that you are willing to work with your customers. Even responding to good reviews with a “Thank you for your review! We aim to please our customers!” can go a long way.

Making a Top-Notch Site for Mobile Searches

Mobile searches are on the rise. According to Telemedia Online UK as of 2020, the internet global traffic is as follows 50.88% mobile users, 46.39% desktop users and 2.74% are tablet users. Desktop users have been continuously decreasing, and the number of mobile users continues to increase. This trend for internet use gives us insight into how consumers are searching online. Making sure your site is mobile-ready and accessible is not only important in order to get seen and found by your customers, but is also very important for SEO. An effective SEO strategy must include optimizing your site for mobile users. This will in turn help deliver these high potential customers as hot leads and contribute to getting your website on Google’s first page.

SEO improves conversion rates: This means more customers

Websites that are SEO optimized load faster and are easily seen in search engine results. Sites on Google’s first page have content that is extremely relevant to the keyword being searched. Having a user-friendly, easy to read and relevant content website, will all help in having you found on Google’s first page, which in turn will increase your conversion rate. Websites that are easy to find and surf are likely to attract visitors and readers who will become your paying, loyal customers, and subscribers. Good service and satisfied customers lead to referrals, which leads to more business. All because you were found on the 1st page of Google!

How can Instant Visibility help build my online presence?

We have just reviewed some of the factors that contribute to online success, namely, being found on Google’s 1st page. But let’s face it – you are busy! You have a business to run. It was time-consuming enough for you to just create your fabulous website.

So what now?

You can hire a company to help you with SEO for your existing site.

You can hire someone internally to work on SEO for your existing site.

Both these options are good ones and can lead to great results – over time. But what if you want to get results now? Or what if you want to “own” more than one top spot on Google’s 1st page?

That’s where Instant Visibility comes in – we have already done all this work for you.

  • We have researched the correct buyer intent keywords for your specific local business.
  • We have built a content-rich site – that is already ranked in one of the top spots on Google.
  • We are constantly working on the SEO behind the scenes to make sure our websites stay at the top of Google and generate qualified local leads.
  • We offer these sites to you for rent – so that you can do what you do best – work on your business and satisfy your customers!

This is the perfect time to unravel the full potential of your business in the online world.

To contact Instant Visibility just send us an email at [email protected]

We help businesses just like you grow with our top ranking websites. Rent yours now...
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