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How Buying Instagram Followers Hurt Your Painter Marketing Technique

How can you say you have already created a good Instagram marketing strategy? According to digital marketers, three primary elements represent a well-established brand: First, you get a high conversion from your IG marketing efforts. Second, your posts and other engagement techniques get good feedback, and third, you have lots of followers. The process of how to achieve these is not something that happens overnight. It takes proper planning and assessment to create the perfect painter marketing formula. This is why some business owners opt to take a shortcut; to buy Instagram followers. We know how this sounds, but believe it or not, this impermissible practice happens. Consider these facts before regretting taking this route.

Is purchasing Instagram followers possible?

Purchasing Instagram followers is easy. You can gain a thousand followers for as little as ten dollars. While you think this is a good deal, consider what kind of followers you get. 50% of these accounts are inactive, and the other 50% are bots. So what are you paying? Just the number alone. No engagement. No conversion. Nothing.

It is amusing to see that your Instagram account has 10,000 followers. But it can be fascinating for your real followers why your posts and engagement efforts get a minimal reaction. Though most followers are not that observant, your genuine supporters might end up unfollowing if they feel something is fishy.

How can buying Instagram followers hurt your painter marketing strategy?

Apart from the money you spent for those fake followers that you could have used in other legit marketing campaigns, here are the reasons how gambling with this practice can damage your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Your account might get suspended – Like all social media networks, Instagram has security measures to ensure all accounts are genuine and their platform is as beneficial for everyone as possible. If Instagram tracks and confirms that most of your followers are fake, your account might get suspended. Of course, there will be deliberation and investigation in line before putting it down. You can appeal, but in most cases, if proven that you bought bogus followers, your account might be permanently disabled. So what happens? You lose your account, genuine supporters, and you have to start from zero again.
  2. You might lose brand partners – Influencers or brand partners are a great help in reaching a wider audience. Most influencers encourage their brand partners to eliminate fake followers because they will not help your painter advertising campaign in any way. Many tools can expose shady feats. If Instagram doesn’t catch you first, you might end up losing your influencers if they notice the manipulation.
  3. You are hurting your credibility – Purchasing followers hurt your credibility more than you know. Well, clearly, it’s a deception. Some might say that regular people can’t tell. No, they certainly can. Frequent users of this platform can easily tell if an account has fake followers. How? Lack of engagement. So, how can your audience trust your services and recommend them to their family and colleagues if you are already bluffing them with your marketing technique?

Instead of buying followers, why not consider these steps to get genuine supporters.

  • Build a strong brand
  • Establish your target viewers
  • Use the best keywords and relevant hashtags
  • Optimize your page’s aesthetics
  • Enhance your channel’s profile
  • Post interesting content regularly
  • Include winning captions to every post
  • Follow valuable accounts
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Invest in paid advertising

These may require serious effort and analytics, but everything runs on autopilot once you have already followed the rhythm.

Convinced that buying followers is no good for your painter marketing techniques? Let us know your feedback.

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