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Guide to Identify Customer Behavior to Attract More Customers

Customer behavior refers to the way that a person acts upon their needs, wants, and the decision processes of people who purchase goods and services for personal consumption. It also answers what they buy, why they buy, when they buy and how often do they buy. There are a lot of ways in identifying customer behavior to attract more customers but we will provide you simple but awesome ways to perform it.

Here is an effortless guide to identifying customer’s behavior.

Meeting the Three Types of Buyers

The descriptions here are probably enough to explain the three types, but let me break it down a little deeper so you can recognize how these three types of buyers can impact your marketing efforts. By learning the three types you are now on the first step in identifying customer behavior and to attract more customers.

  • The Average Spenders – they are 61% of the population. These are your customers that are thinking and thinking why they should buy it. They spend what they think is significant.
  • The Spendthrifts – they are 15% of the population. This type of buyer loves to spend their money and they are the reason why credit card companies continue to make money.
  • The Tightwads – they are 24% of the population. This type of consumer hates spending and the reason is that they love saving. They have difficulty in pulling out their wallet because for them spending hurts.

Make it Simple for the Customers

There are a few things our brains act more than sudden stimulation. Research has shown that instant indulgence is such a powerful force that an ability to influence against it is a great indicator of achieving success. This your second step in identifying your customer behavior and attracting more customers.

Customers love to get things that they recognize and are familiar with. When you are marketing your product and services you have to make sure that customers will see words like “free”, “convenience”, “instant”, and “new”. These are known to flip the switch on the brain that makes the customer prone to buy. To make it simple – our brains love instant gratification.

Be well aware of consumers current pain points

A pain point is a particular drawback that customers of your business are experiencing. In other words, you can think of pain points as problems, plain and simple. Like any issue, customer pain points may vary and different from your prospective customers. You are now on the last steps in identifying customers’ behavior to attract more customers.

When you are able to identify customers’ pain points you have to be well prepared in fixing them to improve your product and services. If a customer can’t find the resolution to a critical question either on your website or by getting a timely response from customer service, they will go elsewhere.


With the business environment being as aggressive as it is, you can’t afford to lighten and disregard the real experiences of your customers or your customers. Take the time to map out a plan for addressing your customer pain points. The first step identifying customers’ behavior, then thinking of solutions, and finally, putting the solutions into action. It’s time to get started with Instant Visibility!

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