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Getting the Best Pet Care While on Vacation

Getting the Best Pet Care While on Vacation

The feeling of having peace of mind is your ultimate goal while on vacation, but if you have your furry friend to leave at home alone, that’s where you will think twice about going. There are many pet care options available now to keep your pets safe and happy while you are on vacation.

The best way for your pets to be left comfortably is to leave them in a familiar setting with their food, toys, and sleeping spots. Getting a pet caretaker is an option, but there are also options to consider before going on your planned vacation.

Here are some options for finding the best pet care when you are on vacation.

Professional Pet Sitters

Pet sitter is the act of caring for pets in their own homes while the owners are away. It involves dog walking, feeding, and giving the pet medication. With pet sitters, pets are happier with less stress since they are in their familiar environment. Their exposure to illness is minimized, and your pet’s diet and exercise will be uninterrupted. They are also a cheaper option, but they are skilled and professional pet sitters. Make sure that you hire a licensed and trained pet sitter that a friend or family refers.

In-home Pet Sitting

This option is a combination of pet sitting and pet boarding. In-home pet care is commonly for dogs, but it can also be a service option for cats, fish, birds, and other small animals. Instead of leaving your pets in the kennel, you will have to bring your pets to their location, and they will have cared while staying at home. Like all kennel owners, in-home boarding requires a license and qualification before they offer their services.

In-Boarding Services

Just in case you could not find the best pet sitter in your local area, in-boarding services are the best option for you to leave your pet while on vacation. They have a pet-friendly setup like a playground, open space to play and socialize with other furry friends. You can easily search for the best pet in-boarding service in your local area. Ensure that they meet the requirement for in-boarding services; they are registered and licensed to operate.

Boarding Kennels

Another option to care for your pets when you are on vacation is boarding kennels. Boarding kennels are facilities that will care for and look after your pets when you are away. These facilities are being supervised by licensed and professional care, but if you choose this setting, it is more likely different from in-boarding services because kennels are not like homes that they can have a space to play. When you decide to leave your pet on a kennel, make sure to provide your pet’s information with food, water, medication, and diet; it will help your pet cope with an unfamiliar setting.

Pet Cameras

When you go out on a short period of vacation, pet cameras are for you. It’s best to leave your furry friend in a familiar environment with the same food, water, and sleeping area. Pet cameras are equipped with a two-way talk system and treat dispensers that can entertain your pets while you are away. Many pet cameras that can connect thru your home security system can also act as security cameras while you are on vacation.


As pet owners, we know that there are many factors to consider when going on a vacation. Whether you are going away for days or months, it is important to plan for pet care services while traveling. Make sure to trust whatever pet care services you choose to leave your pet, and you have researched and checked if these pet care services met the requirements; they are professional and with a good reputation as a pet care service provider.

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