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Bathroom Advertising: Types of Advertisements On Instagram

The power of social media platforms in advertising continues to climb. According to the latest research, there are 4.48 billion people who use social media platforms and roughly a billion active users monthly on Instagram alone. It’s no surprise that over 37.4 million businesses use Instagram to market their products and services. So if you are looking for a potent bathroom advertising strategy, continue reading and learn the types of bathroom ads you can run on Instagram.

Before we head to our main topic, we would like you to understand that Instagram ads costs depend on several factors. Some of these factors include your target audience, industry, placement, and season of the year. There is no benchmark cost on what you should spend, but it is essential to plan your bathroom advertisements strategically.

Types of Advertisements On Instagram

  • Photo Ads Instagram is the perfect platform to entice viewers using high-quality photos. Image ads are single-image advertisements to showcase your bathroom ideas to potential customers. Including a call to action and a “view profile” option along with a concise description is the best way to do this. However, it is recommended not to put too much text on the photo to emphasize its design and illustration.
  • Video Ads One of the most compelling ways of raising brand awareness is by creating engaging and informative video ads. Based on research, video advertisements get 38% more engagement than photos, which is why more marketers choose to run their ads through videos. When producing your video ad, you must keep it short but jam-packed with important details about the product or services you offer.
  • Carousel ads The bathroom may be the smallest room in the home but entails myriad features. This type of Instagram ad is a series of up to ten photos or videos which is perfect to showcase your bathroom remodeling expertise. Most clients looking to update their bathrooms get inspired by creative designs. So producing great visuals will attract more customers.
  • Story Ads There are two ways to use the Story Ad feature for your bathroom advertising. Conventional story ads are regular full-sized photos or videos, while Canvas Story Ads, also known as Instant Experience Story Ads, are upgraded versions. To optimize your visuals, Canvas Story Ads is the best choice. There are tools and templates you can use to tailor fit your ads and entice more viewers. Both story ads have a swipe feature that takes your audience to your website or profile.
  • Explore Ads Another effective way to gain exposure is through Explore Ads feature of the platform. This ad appears in explore tab, where over 50% of IG users are active. Unlike other Instagram ads, this advertisement pops up when the user taps on a relevant image or video that captured their attention.
  • Collection and Shopping Ads Collection and Shopping Ads are most effective for e-commerce businesses, but this can be a good idea in advertising your services. How? This ad allows you to showcase your bathroom ideas to your viewers. And the cool part is once they tap on the shopping icon, the platform takes them to your products and services, where they can place an order or book an appointment.
  • IGTV ads This ad is currently available to IG users with creator accounts in Australia, UK, and United States. You can create a video for this ad for a maximum of 15 seconds. So make sure to capture your audience’s interest within that timeframe and make them book an appointment with you.

These Instagram ads sound interesting, right? Which one of these would you like to try for your bathroom advertising? Please share your feedback below.

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