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A Word From The Founder

What is your overall vision and wish for both the company and your clients?

I created this company with the explicit intention to bridge the gap between consumers and business owners. I had heard so many times that other lead generation companies cost a lot of money to get a “lead”. But what does a “lead” mean? Is it someone that just fills out a form or is it a consumer that has been nurtured and targeted through buyer intent keywords? I created Instant Visibility with this in mind. I want to make sure that business owners don’t waste their time following up with leads that are not ready to buy and engage now. Our company not only targets consumers through our finely crafted SEO tools, but also works closely with each and every one of our business owners to make sure that the site they rent is customized to target consumers looking for their specific services.

A Brief Q&A with Instant Visibility Founder, Asi Espstein

How long have you been in the Lead Generation industry and what is your background?

I’ve started my career as engineer working for a hi-tech telecommunication company where I traveled the world for few years installing and fixing telecom systems. In 2003, after reading Robert Kiyosaki‘s impactful book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I decided to take charge of my career and financials an left the hi-tech industry and started doing Internet and Affiliate marketing. Then, in 2009, after several trials & tests, I decided to develop my own assets. I intensely studied the process of how to rank websites on search engines (SEO) and started building and ranking my own websites. I soon generated enough business leads to earn a decent living from this model and ever since, the business of lead generation has become my main focus and primary source of income.

Why did you create Instant Visibility?

After spending several years expanding my knowledge and building new lead generation models, I created Instant Visibility to take the whole “Rank and Rank” business model to a larger scale. No longer single-lead focused, with the creation of Instant Visibility, we can help multiple businesses across multiple verticals get quality business leads that allow them to concentrate on their business operations while saving them the costs and the tedious work of targeted online marketing.

What do you think the opportunities are for local businesses?


We offer a complete marketing channel that concentrates on generating high quality, exclusive leads to our partners and the business owners we work with. We concentrate on identifying local customers and buying intent from qualified people who are actually in need of the services these companies offer. We take the guessing game out of target marketing for our customers.

How is “Rank and Rent” different from SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a set of actions one needs to take in order to rank their website high, so it prominently appears when people are searching for targeted keywords on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.


“Rank and Rent” is a complete business model solution, where, Instant Visibility – as the website’s owner – take a strategic approach to research, develop and rank the site higher in order to generate more traffic and leads from it.


When doing SEO, you rank the business website. In the “Rank and Rent” model, the website is owned by the supplier – in this case, Instant Visibility, and we are fully responsible for the site’s performance.

This means that Instant Visibility takes the sole responsibility to maintain the ranked website and continue generating targeted leads, enabling the renter (a specific business owner) to leave some or part of their marketing efforts to us.

What trends do you see happening in digital search?

Based upon the traffic data we generate from the hundreds of websites we operate; I clearly see that people are much more accurate and descriptive in what they need and want when looking up service providers on search engines. The “hype” over video has now fallen into balance with traditional search engines, and YouTube became number #2 channel in search traffic, and we do get leads from our propriety YouTube channels. Social platforms are also having a huge impact on lead generation. Every business must have a robust presence on social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What is the biggest opportunity for local businesses through using instant visibility?

To generate a steady stream of quality leads without the constant hassle of maintaining a website.

In many cases, we can be considered as the primary marketing channel for business owners giving them peace of mind and flexibility to focus on providing the best service.


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