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6 Quick Ways to Be Your Own Boss

“I’m old, it’s too late.,” “It’s not the right time.,” “I don’t have the funds to start” “What if I don’t succeed

Not everyone is destined to be their own boss. But, in everyone some fear is expected. In fact, if you’re experiencing panic, that’s actually a good thing because that means you are probably dreaming of something great. To establish whether now is the right time to be your own boss, you need to ask yourself why you are thinking of taking this risk. We can provide you with several quick ways to start being your own boss.

1. Choose the right business for you

We tend to ignore fatigue and stress when we love what we do. Identifying the right business for you will make the difference between the success and failure of your business. There are two ways to determine the right business for you, which is the first crucial step in becoming your own boss.

  • Discover what you know – Focus on your skills, passions, hobbies, or experiences, Having experience means that you know what you are doing and understand the process. Your business should be something that should interest you.
  • Talk to people who know you – This is a dry run or temperature check of whether your intended customer would support your business. Start with your friends and families, as they will provide you an honest answer if they aren’t interested in what you have to say. Try to figure out how to explain your idea in a nutshell, so it doesn’t sound overcomplicated.

2. Find the right location

The location you choose for your business is a massive decision that needs to be cautiously considered. This is an important step to becoming your own boss.

Factors to consider in looking for your business location:

  • Price and ongoing costs are the most important things to consider
  • What other businesses are nearby? You don’t want to move in next to your competition.
  • Consider taxes and government incentives for new businesses. These may be based on location, size, industry or financial need.

3. Find a coach who can mentor you

Becoming your own boss is a challenging career change and though we are raised to be independent and should rely on ourselves, the truth is you need to involve someone who can teach you the process. They will guide you and give you the real meat of the business. Having a mentor doesn’t necessarily cost anything but can have a big impact. Being your own boss does not mean that you have to work alone.

4. Before spending penny, – know your target market!

Find out more about your local community and your target audience. You may want to use social media or another online platform to learn your target demographics, what they buy and how they buy. Becoming your own boss comes with learning on a daily basis. When your audience provides you information or feedback, you should LISTEN.

5. Creating value in on your product or services

You need to be creative and resourceful when in creating value for your target market. Being creative and resourceful are just a few of the traits of a business owner. Becoming your own boss is not an overnight thing;, you need to have the endurance to learn and to adjust with your customer’s needs and wants. Be your own boss of your product, too.

These are just sample questions you may want to ask yourself before getting the word out about your new business:

  • How can my product impact my customers positively so that they may want to purchase again?
  • What is my end goal? Do I want your business to be an empire or so I want to keep it simple and earn, just enough to get by?

6. Make your business known

Lastly, the customer needs to know that you are now open for business. You may want to partner with a credible digital marketing specialist that can help you boost your business name in your marketplace. Get the word out with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and many more. If you think you are ready to be your own boss, this will be the last part before starting your journey as the CEO of your own journey.


If you feel like you want to be your own boss but are confused about how to start, do not worry, for you are not alone, In this era there are a lot of ways to guide you, like simply reading this blog or partnering with a digital marketer that can greatly help you get your business out there. Be your own boss now, or you may never take that leap.

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” – Jeff Bezos CEO and Founder of Amazon

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