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6 Contractor Marketing Email Writing Tips To Increase Your Revenue

Putting up a general contractor business is challenging, but getting a steady flow of projects is tricky. Though there are many other ways to optimize your contractor marketing strategy, email marketing is a technique you should not miss. Creating compelling emails can be a daunting task for most unless you are one of the lucky ones born with a talent for writing.

Composing emails that your readers find interesting is a perfect way to increase your revenue. With this blog, we will discuss how to improve your email marketing strategy. But before getting to this phase, you must already know who your target readers are to tailor your email content. Now, let’s go through these tips.

  1. Use A Head-turning Subject – Your email’s subject can either make or break your campaign’s success. The email’s subject is a significant factor for the recipients whether they will open or ignore the email. So the first thing you need to strategize is how to create a head-turning subject. You can create a question-based subject targeting your reader’s pain points. If you are offering a discount or a promotion, make sure to highlight it on the subject. Promotional emails with excellent subjects are expected to bring more clients.
  3. Create A Winning Introduction – You need to keep the readers’ interest with an appropriate greeting and introduction once you manage to capture their attention using an irresistible subject. The best practice for a winning email contractor marketing introduction is to keep it light and smooth. If your target audience are homeowners, it would be best to have a friendly yet professional tone.
  5. Make The Body Of The Email Concise And Easy To Understand – The body of the email tells the recipients what the message is all about. This is where your readers are supposed to understand why they are receiving the email and how this will benefit them. Though you want to sound experts in the remodeling and contracting industry, you must keep the message easy to understand – avoid using words or terminologies readers won’t understand. Keep your message brief and straightforward. Long and chunky emails are exhausting in the eyes. Here are pointers you can apply when creating the email’s body.
    • Use bullet icons.
    • Include quality images to break up long texts.
    • Make the paragraphs short.
  7. Use Professional And Appropriate Fonts – When readers open the email and see inappropriate and inconsistent fonts, what do you think their expression will be? Fonts play a vital role in the success of this campaign. Most readers end up deleting the emails with skimpy fonts. Why? Because of two things, first, they believe the email is a scam, and second, it comes from an incompetent company. The audience does not need to read the entire email to determine whether it is worth their time or not, as the email’s fonts and format are indications of good and valuable emails.
  9. End It With A Simple Closing – Once you have nailed the first four steps, it’s now time for a good closing. Creating a closing is not rocket science. You can stick with the professional yet straightforward email closing, such as:
    • Best regards
    • Warm regard
    • Thank you
    • Sincerely
  11. Proofread Before Sending – Before you click send or schedule the email for sending, make sure you check the following:
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Capitalizations
    • Punctuations
    • Spacing

    You may use software and applications to correct these for you automatically.

    Writing an effective contractor marketing email can be challenging for most, but following these guidelines enable you to create great emails that bring a constant flow of projects.

    Are you excited to try this one of the best contractor lead generation techniques? Let’s us through the comments section.

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