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5 Revenue-Boosting Handyman Advertising Tips and Tricks

5 Revenue-Boosting Handyman Advertising Tips and Tricks

Handymen are independent-minded individuals who are proficient in various home repairs. Often, they struggle to market their services and obtain a constant flow of clients. Most handymen are one-man-company, but that does not mean that marketing strategy is less of their concern. Like other small businesses, they need a well-structured handyman advertising plan to generate leads to sustain their business.

Interact And Be Visible On Social Media

Facebook and other social media platforms are potent tools to connect with potential customers. However, most handymen and local contractors don’t take this opportunity to market their services and obtain leads. These social media platforms have great features to attract possible clients and nurture them until they are ready to hire you. Messenger is a helpful application on Facebook where you can communicate with your potential customers. Most queries would be about your expertise, how long the project will take, and your rates.

Tip: Set an automated response indicating that the message is received, and you will get back to them the soonest. These individuals are often hot leads, so remember to include your direct number in the auto-response feature.

Build A Website

Building a website is not only for large enterprises. Small and macro enterprises are the businesses that can significantly benefit from this tool. You might think this idea requires a serious amount of money, but that is not true. Many budget-friendly DIY templates are available today. You can also use editing tools to make the website look like a professional designed it. Don’t worry if you haven’t experienced performing this task because there are many video tutorials on Youtube and similar platforms.

Tip: Include your website URL in all possible spaces, such as business cards, invoices, and most especially on all your social media engagement posts.

Manage Your Reputation and Reviews

Consumers today are careful with who they trust. Most customers search for online reviews about the company they consider hiring. Many testimonial platforms like Google, Home Advisor, and Yelp can help with their research. Positive reviews can significantly influence the consumers’ choice.

Tip: Managing online reviews strengthens reputation. If customers express their satisfaction with your service, ask them to share their feedback and highlight them on your website and social media posts.

Do Some SEO Tasks

SEO is a vital component of the handyman advertising strategy. Optimizing your web pages increases your chances to rank at the top pages of the search results. Start by searching what keywords are best for your industry. You can use a keyword search tool to do this. Apply and properly position the keywords to your blogs and articles.

Tip: Use the keywords on the meta description, title, body, and latter portion of your blog or article. This tip will optimize the web pages and help with organic search.

Do Some SEO Tasks

Sending newsletters is a perfect way to remind your customers that you value their business. The content of the newsletter has to be worth reading. You may feature service updates, DIY tips, promotions, and more. Competitors are everywhere, so establishing a good relationship with your customers is essential.

Tip: Newsletters have proven to retain customers. It is important to capture the recipients’ interest; using catchy subject lines is a great idea.

Every business aims to prosper. And for your handyman services to flourish, you have to master a handyman ad strategy that works.

Ready to advance your handyman advertising technique with these tips? We’d love to hear from you.

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