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4 Frequent Roof Problems that Homeowners Encounter

4 Frequent Roof Problems that Homeowners Encounter

Homeowners usually neglect to spot damages on their roof until a huge disaster happens like water leaking from the ceiling, fire, or any other roof-related damages. This can cost you a lot of money and consumes time to repair or change your roofing if the damage has been worsened.

To help you out we have compiled the most common roof problems that need to be addressed to avoid more damage to your dream house.

Leaks and Water Damage

It is the most common roofing problem that homeowners encounter. There are a lot of reasons for roofing to leak like water from rain, snow, ice, and debris or branches of trees that can get under the layers of the roof that can cause water-related issues that will lead to major leaks. Repairing leaks is not only problematic but it can be dangerous so best not to fix it yourself. Call your trusted roofing contractor for an inspection.

Punctures or Holes

When a roof has been punctured by a combination of weight and sharp pressure this results in punctures or holes in your roof. This is also a common roofing problem that is usually being neglected. Roof punctures can happen anytime and your roof will be at risk if not being addressed. Common causes of roof punctures and holes are nails that are displaced, tree branches, weather conditions, or debris from strong winds or storms.

Old roofing can also be susceptible to punctures and holes as the roof wears over time. It may simple as it may seem but this needs an immediate inspection from a roofing expert.

Damaged or Blown off Shingles

Roof shingles are most commonly used as an overlapping material for roofing. Bad weather conditions like a snowstorm, heavy rains, strong winds, and even extreme humidity can cause damage to your roof shingles by wearing the material down. As a homeowner, we need to feel protected on this natural disaster and the roof is keeping you and your family dry and safe.

When you experience a massive storm in your area it is essential to have your roof inspected to prevent further damage like damaged or blown off shingles.

Blistering and Shrinkage or Curling

This is a common roof problem that is not easy to deal with. It is also tricky as it may not seem to be noticeable since it is on top of the roof. When you notice that your roof materials start to look dry and weathered that is the cause of summer heat or over-exposure to UV rays. With climate change temperature spikes unpredictably and dramatically. Your roof shingles tend to contract during cold temperatures and expand during the warm season these can cause blistering or shrinkage of your roof shingles.

Call a roofing pro for an extensive inspection and to recommend you as homeowners on how to prevent further roof damage.

Pooled Water

This is common to flat roofs type, and when water builds up and stays on the flat surface of the roof that is when a pooled water happens on your roofing. This is primarily caused by extreme weather conditions and poor installation of the roof. The flat roof type should be sloped slightly towards a gutter to prevent the pooling of water on the surface. Proper maintenance of gutters and drains will keep ponding water off your roof.

When you notice that there is a pooled or pond water on your roofing an immediate inspection from a roofing professional is needed.

Luckily, as a homeowner can easily prevent these frequent problems for your homes by regularly calling your trusted and professional roofing contractor for an inspection. Providing your roof the top-quality materials is not enough to protect and prevent these roof problems. Contact your trusted roofing contractor that can provide high-quality roofing consultation and repairs.

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