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10 Content Creation Tools For A Powerful Pool Builder Marketing

As a pool builder, being an expert on the services you offer is not only what will make you stand out from the crowd. Competitors are here and there. A powerful pool builder marketing strategy is what every business owner needs. Learning how to leverage your content format enables you to level up your game in getting higher conversions. Formatting content is now manageable with the help of advanced tools. Let’s look at these top pick content creation tools and see which is ideal for you.

  1. Canva
    Canva is the most popular digital content creation tool today. It is a complete package for most marketing campaigns, especially social media. It offers toms of templates that are easy to customize. Canva is the perfect tool for first-timers, as it is easy to use and understand.
    • Pricing:

    • Free – limited templates
    • Pro – $9.99/month per user
    • Enterprise – $30/month per user
  2. Adobe Spark
    This tool is another excellent tool for content creators to optimize their social media posts, email marketing, videos, and landing pages. Adobe Spark is also recommended for new marketers due to its comprehensive starter guide.
    • Pricing:

    • Free – limited features
    • Individual – $9.99/month
    • Team – $19.99/month
  3. Pablo by Buffer
    Pablo is a content creation tool designed by Buffer, a software used for social media post scheduling. This user-friendly tool is ideal for creating beautiful social media visuals. You can customize it as much as you want to boost your pool builder marketing campaign.
    • Pricing:

    • Free – no fees for Buffer users
  4. Vectr
    If you are looking for the best tool to design your logo and other brand icons, Vectr can be your perfect choice. You don’t have to be frustrated if you have no idea about developing content, as this tool will guide you through creating great visuals.
    • Pricing:

    • Free
  5. Pixlr
    Pixlr is another tool recommended for starters. With a few clicks, you can create appealing content that will attract a bigger audience. Its features enable users to swiftly achieve well-designed visuals, making it an ideal tool for marketers who have limited time to create content.
    • Pricing:

    • Free – limited features
    • Premium – $4.90/month per user
    • Creative pack -$14.99/month per user
  6. Boomerang
    This video creation tool will help you generate more engagement on Instagram because it allows you to record quick videos which are often viewed by the audience.
    • Pricing:

    • Free
  7. Fotor
    Marketing for pool builders is more straightforward with this photo editing tool. This tool will make your content stand out because of its unique and easy-to-use features.
    • Pricing:

    • Free – limited features
    • Pro – $8.99/month
  8. Giphy
    If you are searching for countless GIFs or Graphics Interchange Format, Giphy is the right tool for you. This is the most popular search tool for GIFs, stickers, and clip ideas to win more conversions.
    • Pricing:

    • Free
    If you want to establish your brand, you need a great logo to represent your business. Logo Design offers tons of pre-ready logo templates you may choose from that you can customize all the way you want. Its drag and drop features allow the user to create an appealing design instantly.
    • Pricing:

    • Basic – $39.00 per year
    • Pro – $79.00 per year
    • Premium -$199.00 per year
  10. iMovie
    iMovie is the most famous Mac video editing software. You can swiftly insert photos, music, and other elements to create engaging content through this tool.
    • Pricing:

    • Free

Ready to level up your pool builder marketing technique with these tools? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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